Corr-Jensen Creates Brands That Inspire and Guide People to Become Their Best

Corr-Jensen is passionate about delivering the best possible brands to consumers for long-term benefits that change lives and define excellence in mind and body. Corr-Jensen is the leading hub for wellness and performance products and services for people on a quest for health and personal excellence that offers a portfolio of products to help people invest in their health to make steady and lasting progress in pursuit of their health and fitness goals. Corr-Jensen has redefined the standards, in quality, innovation, training and supplementation while adding a deeper level of commitment to ongoing coaching and support for its customers.

Whether it’s in the form of guided workout apps, athlete ambassadors giving expert advice, encouraging and informative content, branded sportswear or reliable customer support, Corr-Jensen has built an ecosystem that aims to shatter the traditional, transactional approach to supplement retail marketing and to truly go above and beyond to change customers’ lives.

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Matt Hesse, Founder + CEO


“Corr-Jensen isn’t just a place to work, it’s a place to thrive and enjoy life through work. The vein of energy running through Corr-Jensen and its people is one of hardworking, passionate, like-minded leaders who love getting up and driving hard every day to accomplish their goals as a team.”

Matt Hesse is the Founder and CEO of Corr-Jensen, Inc., a portfolio of health and performance supplement brands led by innovation and consumer centricity that have generated over half a billion dollars in retail sales and feature patented technologies. Matt employs a strategy called “The Virtuous Circle” where he connects his teams, brands and consumers to create purpose driven initiatives. He doesn’t just want to sell things, he wants to change things.

Fitness has always been Matt’s passion - both in practice and in study. After breaking his neck in high school wrestling, Matt made the most of the downtime and dedicated himself to learning everything he could about exercise, nutrition and supplementation. After a four-year stint in the Army, Matt not only solidified his belief in the importance of exercise in daily life, but saw how discipline, service and hard work can become core values in life.

In 2008, he decided to act on his mutual passions of fitness and service to create Corr-Jensen. Launching with nutrition supplements, he sought to create game changing products focused on building healthy lifestyles. The Corr-Jensen brands include ORB, a vitamin line for Future Humans; PERFORMIX, a suite of premium products built to enhance athletic performance; Ab Cuts, a natural line of weight management solutions; and ANS, a transparently-dosed collection of sports nutrition products.  

Matt believes in a simple mantra: “In fitness and in life, we crush it.” He lives, practices and preaches a fitness-forward lifestyle. To prove this, he created PERFORMIX House, an exclusive members-only training and content studio. The House assembles New York’s elite trainers and instructors, superior recovery systems and built-in nutrition solutions for individuals to “Own Everything.” PERFORMIX House demands its trainers and members are 100% accountable to every single detail of their goals. Achieve that and you will not only be successful in the gym, but also successful in life.

At the heart of Matt’s company is the “Virtuous Circle”, built on the belief that some of a brand’s financial success is invested in purpose-driven causes that engage communities and employees at the heart-level. This in turn drives customer loyalty and employee retention, with positive brand reputation as a secondary benefit. For the PERFORMIX brand, Matt created the not-for-profit FitOps Foundation which provides veterans with a full scholarship to become NASM-certified personal trainers and helps them start new careers in the fitness industry. 

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